The Art of Entrepreneurial Growth and Development

The following article is by guest writer Pat Mackaronis, CEO and Founder of Brabble, Inc, a social network based in New York City. Visit Pat on Twitter at @patty__mack.

Entrepreneurship has many rewards and nerve-wracking complexities associated with it. There are numerous individuals who fear the very thought of creating something from nothing or “beating the bushes” daily to discover the next golden globe of opportunity. It is seen as an impractical profession by those who are more comfortable with the safety of predictability.

Every artist must go through a process of developing their technical skills before they experience the beauty of self mastery. In order to transition beyond the phase of a novice to a master, one must be fully aware of the commitment that will be required. Let us explore the 5 phases of Entrepreneurial Growth and Development.

Awareness– What is it that is burning within your heart and mind to share with the world? Is there a nagging issue that you desire to be an advocate for? How do you discover what you were put on this earth to do? This will require diligent introspection and self reflection on your part. It is necessary to understand your purpose at the most intricate levels in order to sustain your momentum during times of hardship and challenge.

Vision– How will your purpose change the world? Who will it inspire? What will you need to make it come to pass? Who will be the team players rallying and marketing your ideas to be showcased on greater platforms? What is the plan of action daily required to reach your predetermined goals and aspirations?
Commitment-Are you ready to invest 60-80 hours a week in your new endeavor? Are you ready to sacrifice sleep, experience mental fatigue, financial struggles, emotional distress while promoting a positive attitude and high volumes of productivity?

Testing– Are you prepared to do battle against the silent fears of your soul? Are you willing to press beyond your innermost fears? If you have to pursue your dream alone is there enough passion for your mission to keep moving forward? Are you intimately acquainted with every self sabotaging habit that needs to be eradicated out of your life? The tests of life will reveal the strength of will that resides in the crevices of your being.

Growth– It is at this phase where wisdom evolves and all of our encounters along the path of life begin to make sense to us. We realize that everything that didn’t break us was designed to shape us into powerful individuals who appear as works of art in the minds of all who have beheld our leadership potential magnificently expressed.

The process of entrepreneurial development can be painstaking, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges that lie ahead. As you embrace your greatness live in a state of awareness, stay focused on your vision, be committed to your cause, be prepared to endure great testing and embrace exponential growth in your character, will and emotions.

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