Instilling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Children

Our children need to be brought up having an entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneurial spirit is what will take someone to the heights and allow them to fulfill their dreams. We don’t have a society that is appreciative of the entrepreneurial spirit; for that is something which is “scary” due to the fact that it has risks attached to it.

However, we need to teach our children, from the youngest age possible, that the entrepreneurial spirit is what they need. They need to learn to not be afraid of taking risks, provided that those risks are calculated and not crazy. Thoughtful risk-taking is what is vital to anyone’s individual success. Are there times when our risks don’t pay off, and we fall on our faces? Yes, there are such times. Nevertheless, fear of falling down or having momentary setbacks or failures is what prevents people from growing up and moving into the world that they have imagined should be. We have to teach our children that the world they think should be is a world that can be, and that their efforts are the very power that can drag their dreams into existence and change the world for the better. If you change even just one person for the better, even if that one person is yourself, you have changed the whole world for the better.

When you were learning to walk, you fell down all the time. You smashed your head on the coffee table. You bruised your knees. You cried a lot. But, you did not quit. You knew that you had to keep gong and learn how to walk. Now, you make walking look easy. Indeed, you barely even think about it.

The entrepreneurial spirit says not to conform and not to decide that you have to spend the rest of your productive days working for somebody else who makes more money and has more success and freedom than you ever will. The entrepreneurial spirit also says use your creative powers to bring something new into the world, and let this creativity be rewarded with freedom and abundant wealth in time. The entrepreneurial spirit is bold and imaginative. The entrepreneurial spirits says that fantasy should and can become reality.

The educational and socialization systems that we have put in place, sadly, mitigate this spirit of boldness. Children are taught by the school system to be conformists who should not presume to think for themselves, and they are taught by their parents to be afraid of any way of doing things that strays from the tried and true, already-beaten path. We need to begin un-teaching this to our children. And the best way for parents to do that is simply for them to act more entrepreneurial their selves. We as adults have to pursue our dreams, and never give up until we have dragged those dreams into existence. We need to write the novels and the poetry, or learn the musical instrument, or take the journey across the country that we have always desired. In this way, we teach our children by our own example, and instill the fearless and creative entrepreneurial spirit in them.


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