Family Business Celebrates Growth with Open House

WEST CARROLLTON – Brenda Stansfield of Kettering originally opened A Muse Sings aromatherapy shop in Waynesville, Ohio in 1993. Four years later she became a certified aromatherapist under the Australasian College of Herbal Studies and began developing her own formulas marketed under the name Clear My Head.

According to Brenda, “Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine which makes use of the medicinal properties of plants through inhalation.” “I invented Clear My Head herbal inhalation after moving from Florida to Ohio,” said Brenda, who has since developed a complete line of herbal products from soaps to roll-ons. “I couldn’t take over-the-counter allergy medications so I found an herbal inhalation solution that other people liked as well.”

When she became a licensed massage therapist in 1999, she moved A Muse Sings and Clear My Head from Waynesville to Oakwood and, five years ago, to Kettering. The pairing of massage with aromatherapy seemed an obvious marriage to Brenda and her instincts have been proven right.

Eventually Brenda’s popular aromatherapy products caught the attention of several notable publications including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Health Magazine, Enlightened Practice and Herbs for Health. In November of 2005, Clear My Head was honored with the Most Innovative Product Award for the Organic/Natural division at the EX-TRACTS Essentials for Spa, Home  amp; Travel Show in New York City.

Clear My Head rapidly became popular with resorts and hotels all over the world. “We supply many 5-star resorts including the Luxor in Las Vegas,” Brenda noted. “But we have lots of mom and pop shops too.” Paula Cimprich is a customer service specialist with Clear My Head.

“I love working here,” she said. “It’s really relaxing.” Their customers must agree. Clear My Head ships approximately 300 to 500 products daily and that number is growing so Brenda was forced to relocate once again.

With her son Will and husband Craig she decided on West Carrollton as the new location. “We found the perfect building,” she said. “The people of West Carrollton were great to work with and now we have everything under one roof in a much better space.” In the new location, a manufacturing and processing space has been set up for Clear My Head products while massage and aromatherapy services have been combined into The Spa at Clear My Head.

At the Spa, clients can enjoy deep tissue massage, a sauna or bathing ritual experience. Surrounded by a décor that features the work of local artists, a copper and mosaic bath tub provides a relaxing space to decompress while the sauna offers aroma and light therapy. No cell phones are allowed in the spa area and clients can even request extra time just to unwind before and after their treatments.

Next door to Clear My Head, Brenda’ son, Will Stansfield owns and operates Laser Wolf Engraving. “While at Oakwood High school I was part of the Industrial Engineering Technology prep program where I attended Centerville High school and Sinclair at the same time,” Will explained. After working in manufacturing for some time Will purchased a laser engraver and began developing a product line.

Will opened Laser Wolf Engraving in March of 2008. Their high-tech process can put a design on just about anything from a wall plaque to a pillow cover. Custom engraving can be done on glasses and accessories, trophies, wooden bottle corks and sand carved and painted wine bottles.

In addition Will’s geek-themed laser-etched bar glasses earned the attention of Imbibe Magazine in May of 2008. “Binary Bar Ware,” as Will calls it, features geekish looking sequences of 1’s and 0’s in binary code etched onto each glass translating into words like “Chablis” or “Merlot” on wine glasses and “Beer” on mugs. Custom binary coding, like a name or phrase, can be added as well.

As Will told Imbibe, “Entertaining friends these days often involves interactive technologies through gaming systems and computers, so shouldn’t you be using appropriate glasses?” All of the engraving work at Laser Wolf Engraving is done in-house. Will originally opened the business in the same building with Brenda’s shop on Woodman Dr. but moved to the new location as well. Now the three family ventures are under one roof in a more functional space.

The open house for the new facility, located at 420 East Dixie Drive in West Carrollton, is free and open to the public from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday July 10 and spotlights all three businesses. The event will include entertainment and free catered food by Beef O’Brady’s and deserts by Ele, while supplies last. “I think it’s important to buy and promote locally,” Brenda noted. “We are a family-based business and we enjoy helping others succeed.”

Besides showcasing their new location, the open house will also help to raise money for a local charity. “A portion of the proceeds from any scheduled massage or sauna appointments, as well as the sale of products, during the open house will go to The Wellness Connection.”

The recession may rage onward, but the Stansfield family is clearly not going to take it lying down. For more information call (937) 847-2222 or go online to


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